At, an important part of our relationship with you is respect for your right to privacy. Throughout our site we have policies and procedures to protect your privacy. This policy will help you better understand how we your personal information and the rights you have in terms of our collection, use and disclosure of your information.


We follow five basic principles when collecting, using, disclosing and protecting your personal information.

  1. We limit the personal information we collect to what is necessary for us to serve you
  2. We are accountable for personal information under our control
  3. We protect the privacy of your personal information through reasonable security measures
  4. We are open with you about our policies and practices when it comes to personal information
  5. We will address any concerns or questions you have regarding your privacy.


Personal information is information about you that is not publicly known. Information that appears on a business card or in the phone book is not personal information. Information that has been aggregated and anonymized is also not personal information.


As you do business with we continue to collect and use personal information for our mutual benefit and protection. For example we may review and analyze this information to offer solutions that help meet your needs.

We obtain most of your personal information directly from you. When we ask for information we will let you know how it will be used. Some information may be obtained from other sources with your consent. Your personal information is obtained, used and shared only with your consent.

When you do business with the information we collect will be collected with your consent. Except as explained “Exceptions where we may disclose information without consent” we do not share information about you with anyone outside of without your consent. Except as explained “Exceptions where we may disclose information without consent” we do not share information about you with anyone outside of without your consent. Additionally if we intend to use your information in a way we didn’t tell you about previously we will obtain your consent at that time.


Consent may be given either explicitly or implicitly. Express consent may be given through writing, verbally or electronic means. For example consent may be given by you signing a contract or agreement that states “I agree to the terms” or by responding to a direct question from a employee or by clicking on an “I agree” or “I consent” button online.

Implicit consent is given for the collection and use of information for a specific purpose when you make use of the services offers. For example in creating an online profile to apply for a position advertised on our website you are consenting to to collecting and using personal information about you for this purpose.


There are two exceptions where we may collect, use or disclose personal information without consent.

  1. Where required by or permitted by law. We may be compelled to release information by a court of law or other legal agency. If so, our policy is to release information only to the extent that we have to.
  2. If we use an outside supplier to do work for us. At times we may use the expertise of outside suppliers to do work for us involving some of your information. We select outside suppliers carefully and confirm that they use privacy and security standards that meet our criteria. To the best of our ability only those suppliers who can maintain the confidentiality and security of the information provided to them from us are chosen. However, we are not responsible for any breaches of information as a result of a security failure of a supplier.


Subject to legal and contractual requirements, you may change or withdraw your consent at any time. Withdrawing your consent will generally impact our ability to provide you with the level of service you may be accustomed to. We will explain the impact on you to help you with your decision.

When you change or withdraw your consent we will do our best to make sure that our files are updated as quickly as possible but it may take some time for all our records to reflect your changes.


We limit access to the personal information we collect about you and store it securely. Employees who have access to your information are made aware of how to keep it confidential. Outside suppliers to are required to maintain confidentiality and security of your personal information and not to use it for any unauthorized purpose.


It is important to us to resolve your concerns and answer your questions as they relate to this Privacy Policy and our collection, use of and disclosure of your personal information. If you have questions, complaints or concerns about our Privacy Policy or about how enforces and/or follows the Policy then please contact us by email: and in the Subject Line refer to “Privacy Policy”.