Q: What are REFER Memberships?

A: REFER Memberships are based on the new ERC223 cryptographic standard, created on the Ethereum platform. Its primary utility is to encourage users to refer job applicants on our platform. Earn REFER by using our platform or developing an application that interacts with our API to perform these actions.

Q: So can I exchange REFER Memberships for cash, or a normal currency?

A: REFER Memberships were created to be used on the SmartRefer platform, in order to globalize and incentivize the referral process, increase platform security and track relevant transactions. Depending on your local or federal regulations, you may or may not be able to exchange REFER Memberships for FIAT and/or other stores of value. Please check your local government regulations before attempting to exchange REFER Memberships. We at SmartRefer strongly recommend you keep REFER Memberships for use primarily on our platform.

Q: How can I obtain REFER Memberships?

A: REFER Memberships will be publicly available at brief intervals before our platform is launched. Please subscribe to receive updates for specific timeframes.

Q: Will I be able to use the SmartRefer platform without REFER Memberships?

A: REFER Memberships were created to enable anyone to post jobs, refer people and search for jobs within the de-centralized SmartRefer platform. You will need them in order to use the platform to its full potential.

Q: How many REFER Memberships have you created?

A: We have created 118,000,000 REFER Memberships, and will never create any more.

Q: Why is SmartRefer using distributed ledger (blockchain) technology? Couldn’t you just use the normal internet?

A: SmartRefer is using blockchain technology to ensure:

1) The highest in user security, through de-centralized servers.

2) Ability to verify candidates credentials globally.

3) The ability to incentivize employees to send referrals to their connections and employers, through our ERC 223 REFER Memberships. This will allow our platform to be used globally, with the opportunity for people to send referrals from anywhere on the planet.

Q: Are REFER Memberships a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin? If I invest and hold them will I be rich?

A: REFER Memberships are a key component of the SmartRefer platform. Anyone who obtains REFER are given membership privileges our platform, exactly like a gym membership or pass.

REFER were created for the sole purpose of being used on our platform, akin to the video game coins you receive at the arcade when you want to play a game. Without them, there would be no way to use the blockchain effectively, thus greatly decreasing the opportunities for users. The memberships themselves power our platform, much like gas in a vehicle. Any increase in the value of REFER Memberships is secondary and incidental. We at SmartRefer recommend you do not purchase REFER Memberships if you have no intention of using them on our platform.

Q: Why should I trust you?

A: SmartRefer was created to solve a problem the team themselves had. With extensive experience in HR, Recruitment, Entrepreneurship and Information Technology, we know how difficult it can be for smaller companies to find quality IT people. Coming from the most diverse country in the world, Canada, we know first-hand how hard it can be to get a break when you move to a new country.

These issues are issues we are uniquely equipped to solve due to our team’s backgrounds and experiences. Trust that this is personal for us, and we have every intention of making SmartRefer a global staple to equal the playing field for everyone. We can be reached at info@smartrefer.io for any questions, and will get back to you within 24 hours.